Old Restaurant Furniture – Best Choice for New Restaurant Owners

When it comes to buying new restaurant furniture, I know how expensive can it be, especially for someone new in this business. Few years back I have gone through the same situation. However, I somehow managed to cope up with skyrocketing expenses of buying brand new furniture. Do you want to know how? Here is my story.

One useful tip made my life
As I was interested in restaurant business since I was in my early 20’s. I always did researches on how to cut down the budget of opening my own restaurant. One day while I was researching, I found a very useful tip that motivated me from within. That tip read – for new restaurant owners with limited budget, it is better to go for old furniture that buying new ones. That day I decided that whenever I would start my restaurant I would keep this pointer on my mind. So, I bought old furniture rather than investing a fortune on the new ones. This not only helped me save some money, but I was able to use that fund for meeting the other expenses of my business.

The factors I considered before buying
Restaurant furniture, whether old or new, should be purchased according to the ambience of the place. I was very much particular about this. So, before purchasing furniture for my new restaurant I consulted an experienced interior designer. She recommended me designs and types of furniture I should buy, keeping my preferences on mind. Also, she gave me the names and contact details of some dealers who sell second hand furniture. That made my day. I visited them one by one and inquired about the products they showcase. I also visited smokehouses and steak houses. Sometimes, they also put their things on sale.

What I did next?
After checking out where I would be able to find the things I was looking for, I visited the shops and inspect the hotel furniture. I am a very careful person from the very beginning, so doing proper inspection before buying was on my priority list and will always be. Also, I am not an impulse buyer. So, I made sure to have enough time to scrutinize the items. Products bought without inspection are more likely to rip you off in the future. This was what my father taught me when I was very young. Let’s take a look at some of the main areas I focused while inspecting the furniture.

• Checking out the material from which a product is made up of is always imperative. So, I check each and every piece very carefully. I have also heard that one should not but bad smelling products. Although you might find it a little absurd, I did follow the same and smelled the products that are made from cloth and other type of material. Actually, it worked as I have found both bad and good (fresh) smelling items. As obvious, I went for the latter products.

• Because it was not possible for me to look at the internal parts of the furniture, I preferred to test the pieces first. I leaned on the tables as well as the chairs. While inspecting a sofa I sat on it and tried to find out, if it was going very down or not. I also checked out if the tables with glass tops are clear or not.

• I found a table and I liked it so much. However, its top was made up of glass and was full of scratches. You might be thinking that I leaf that table. No, I bought it and got more discounts on it, as it was defected.

This how I decorated by new restaurant with old, but beautiful and stylish furniture. I began from a scratch and now I am a happy businessman.

My Experience might Help You When Buying Restaurant Furniture

Here is my personal experience on buying restaurant furniture. Hopefully, it will help you, if you are a would-be restaurateur. My focus was always on buying sturdy chairs and tables. I believe that besides the food being served to customers, the ambience and seating arrangement of a restaurant play an important role in retaining the customers. I followed my beliefs and succeeded. I choose the best brands and the best dealers. From where you are buying the furniture also determines its durability and longevity. One of my other focuses was buying items that will be able to serve multiple dining options.

Without researching I would not have succeeded

I also purchased different types of bar stools and arranged them in accordance to the height of the counter top at my restaurant. When it comes to bars, height is as important as comfortable seating. According to me, it’s the décor of your eating area that attracts the customers before they taste the food and drinks your serve. I did plenty of research on the internet and visited different types of restaurants in order to collect more and more ideas on type of restaurant furniture used as per the theme of the places.

Seeking professional assistance helped me

When I started my restaurant business, I was new to this genre. So, most of the friends of mine suggested me to select the most suitable furniture. Initially, I was totally confused because of ample availability of restaurant furniture options. However, after seeking professional help, I became able to decide the things I should buy and the ones to avoid.

I followed my intuitions

I always wanted my restaurant to serve multiple dining options, as I said earlier. So, I bought some expensive sets of banquet chairs. Now, my restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants of the city that serves thousands of people every day and for different kinds of occasions. So, my ideas of using banquet chairs worked. Actually, following your intuitions sometimes work.

Sharing my Personal Experiences with you on Buying Restaurant Furniture

To become a restaurateur is what I always dreamt to be since I was a kid. I am a food lover and love to serve others, as well. Maybe be my beliefs, hard work and confidence has made the entire universe to conspire and now I am what I always wanted to be. Today, I own a restaurant on the heart of our city with hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. In this article I have shared some of the most important things I have done to achieve my target. Moreover, you will also come to know about the areas I focused more, like restaurant furniture while planning out my restaurant.

My story of becoming a restaurateur

When I started by journey, I only had a large hall that needed a lot of renovation. I knew it that in order to get started with it I will have to do a considerable amount of research and keep calm. Problems might occur when you begin with a project; it’s only your patience that can help you solve those efficiently. While researching I realized that apart from deciding the cuisine and hiring world class chefs, there are a number of needs to be addressed. Until and unless the ambience of my restaurant would look attractive and welcoming, it would become hard for me to get customers. So, I focused on the décor.

How I enhanced the décor of my restaurant

As far as décor of an eating area is concerned, restaurant furniture is an integral part of the same. I kept myself in the shoes of my customers and thought that if I had to choose between two restaurants – one with gloomy and monotonous décor with dull furniture and the other with bright and assorted furniture. I will go for the latter option. So, I researched more and more on what type of furniture would be suitable for me. I also got in touch with a professional interior decorator. Here are some of the most important tips the professional have me in regard to selecting the furniture.

• The first thing the interior decorator I hired told me that I should consider the location and setting of my restaurant. I had always wished to have both indoor and outdoor settings. So, I the professional told me that I have to buy two types of furniture. The outdoor ones should be weather proof and movable and the indoor ones should be cozy and comfortable. Weatherproofing was not an issue with the latter ones.

• Secondly, he told me to consider the availability of space. He advised me to choose the furniture according to the space I have so that the setting don’t look clumsy and clutters. As space was a not factor in my case, I selected different types and sizes of furniture.

• The last point he told me to consider is the style and designs. So, I started searching for restaurant furniture that would perfectly compliment the ambience of my new venture. Right from the chairs, tables to other accessories I choose everything carefully. This is needless to mention that apart from the looks, I also paid attention to the quality of the products and made sure that they are sturdy and durable.

Me and my restaurant in a gist

This is my journey from a scratch to a restaurant that not only serves good and delicious food, but all provides warmth to the customers. Whether they enjoy an outdoor dining or an indoor one, they can always go with their preferences. No rain or scorching sunlight can come in between their moments of enjoyment.